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Traum von der Südsee

Published 1925

Traum von der Südsee - F.W. Murnaus
digitized 8mm movie
added music: Art Landry & His Orchestra-Rip Saw Blues

Run time 4:30
Producer F.W. Murnaus
Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: gl1200phil - - October 14, 2013
Subject: fun little clip
older vintage clips from the south seas. some attractive islanders having fun.

I try not to digress into YouTube type of negative repartee here, but I want to support the comment below me in regards to the first comment that was just trashing the video. I think not only is wrong, but it is also inappropriate. I liked the music, I think some people just like to trash things, just for the sake of trashing them.
Reviewer: Filmcollective Worldwide - - October 21, 2012
Subject: Wiseguy
Apperently we have a wiseguy who knows everything better. This was an 8mm movie, separate sold in a small box with the mentioned title. I am very sorry but I don't know everything from all movies every produced. In stead of negative comments you can also make positive advises. But that is a choice and if you don't want to think it over, that is your problem and you can wait for comments like this. Be positive!
More info about this 8mm version can be found at
Reviewer: lredman1 - - October 21, 2012
Subject: Don't Bother
What has this got to do with 8mm anything? And not in colour either, for that matter. It's a few fragments from "Tabu" (F. W. Murnau & Robert Flaherty) set to breathtakingly inappropriate 20's dance band music. Don't bother .... get the real thing instead.